Fully automate your orders, payments and deliveries on all platforms with Chowbot.

Fully automate your orders, payments and deliveries on all platforms with Chowbot.

Over 17 million messages sent to one million people

in eight countries, and counting.

Some of our brands

Who we are

How many techies and foodies does it take to create SA’s first fully automated and integrated end-to-end solution on WhatsApp? Quite a few, it turns out. Formed in 2018, Chowbot is the brainchild of humans who are passionate about the food industry, marketing, behavioural psychology, flawless UX and beyond, who heard the cry for an all-in-one food ordering platform.

What makes us tick

We create conversational commerce platforms dedicated to your brand, that allow your customers to place orders via WhatsApp and Facebook using AI technology. From ordering and payment to delivery, we do it all – while seamlessly integrating into major third party POS systems and secure payment platforms. 

What makes us different

Sure, sharing is nice – but we believe all brands deserve their own spotlight. Unlike aggregated ordering platforms that position themselves between you and your customer, Chowbot is all about your brand. Turn customers into regulars by giving them what they want – your full menu, FAQ’s, and loyalty program – via channels they’re already on.

Payment and POS Integrations


Initial setup fee


Chowbot commission


On sales made through the platform. Nett. sales ex. VAT.

* Minimum of R500 pm

* Maximum of R1500 pm


The marketing of your Chowbot is in your hands.

Benefits comparison

Other popular food apps
Business lines on W/A

Automated ordering platform

Online payment option - Direct Gateway Integrations

Safe, direct payment into your account

Own your customer information

Handle multiple conversations simultaneously

Local dedicated support team

Direct Point of Sale Integrations

90% of our customers rate us above 8 out of 10

“Much quicker, so easy, love it!”

Yvonne from Alexandra

“Couldn’t believe how amazing it was, it was cheaper than Uber eats and so efficient!!”

Lori from Illovo

“Great, very convenient, nothing to change, love it!”

Dipesh from Morningside

“Thank you for the great service. The food arrived quickly was delicious and still hot. Much better service than when we use Mr.D. Thank you."


“Excellent user friendly interface! Really enjoyed ordering in WhatsApp. Will use all the time for ordering!”


Frequently asked questions

What can I create a Chowbot line for?

Anything! Chowbot is useful in all sectors i.e food ordering, automated FAQ's, customer support, loyalty, retail shopping and more.

Get in Touch
Email: info@chowbot.co.za
Office hours: Mon to Fri (9am - 5pm)

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Fully automated

•  Give your customers 24/7 access to your FAQ’s.

•  Gather customer reviews in-channel.

•  Manage hundreds of conversations simultaneously.

•  Maintain a uniform brand voice.

Safe and secure

Safety first, as they say. Chowbot offers:

• Secure payment directly into your account.

• Protected customer data.

• WhatsApp as a fully encrypted communication channel.

Own your customer

• Don’t give them away to an aggregator platform.• 

• Gain data-rich customer insights.

• Communicate with them directly, in your brand’s voice.

Fully Integrated

Chowbot integrates seamlessly with:

•  Your POS system.

•  Your loyalty program.

•  Secure third party payment providers.

Delivery by DeeWizz

Own Your Customer

• You can communicate directly with your customers i.e. promotions, menu changes.

• Data-rich insights on your customer

• Full FAQ.

Safe and Secure

• The channel is secure.

• Protect your customer data.

• Communication channel is encrypted.

•The payment is secure.

Fully Automated Solution

• We manage the entire order process starting from user registration through to order completion.

• Data-rich insights on your customer.

• Auto-reviews.

Fully Integrated

• Can integrate into your POS.

• Loyalty systems.

• Delivery service.

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